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This colorful beach bag was handcrafted by talented Wayuu women in La Guajira Peninsula in northern Colombia.


The Wayuu artist takes around 3-4 weeks to weave one bag using the most traditional single-weave technique. The result is an ultra-light and top-quality bag! Each design is inspired by the nature and ancient Wayuu symbology and each TOTE is one of a kind!

Extremely light, durable and comfortable to carry, this stunning shoulder bag is the perfect accessory for shopping, a day at the pool or at the beach!


100% handmade

Made in Colombia, according to the ancestral technique of the Wayuu tribe

Height: 30cm

Width: 44cm

Material: Acrylic

Dimensions of individual products may differ +/- 2.5 cm.

How to take care of Wayuu bag

The bag can be washed in cold water with the addition of a mild washing liquid or in a washing machine using the “delicate” program. The bag does not pill or change color.


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