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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions Caribela

Dear Customer, please read our terms and privacy policy before using the caribela.com website

The online store available at www.caribela.com is run by Elżbieta Marek who runs a business under the name EL-MAR Elżbieta Marek ul. Chopina 31/7 55-200 Oława with the NIP number 9121382353

Dane do kontaktu ze sprzedawcą:
Elżbieta Marek tel.509938014
Agnieszka Marek tel: +573103033266
email: info@caribela.com

§ 1. General provisions


“Seller” – EL MAR Elżbieta Marek, conducting business activity entered in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity, with its registered office in Oława, at Chopina 31/7, 55-200 Oława, NIP number: 9121382353, REGON: 022333641. Contact: phone number +48 509938014, what’s app: +57 3103033266 e-mail address: info@caribela.com

“Client” – a natural person who is at least 13 years of age, where in the event of this person not reaching the age of 18, the consent of their legal representative is required, as well as a legal person and an organizational unit that is not a legal person, whose specific provisions grant legal capacity and which is or intends to place the Order.

“Parties” – Seller and Customer.

“Store” – the Caribela online store run by the Seller at the internet address https://www.caribela.com.com/

“Consumer” – a natural person who performs a legal transaction with the entrepreneur

“Goods” – an item offered for sale by Caribela

“Personal Data” – data provided by the user.

“Price” – the gross price does not include the delivery costs

“Supplier” – an external service company delivering the Goods from the Store’s warehouse to the Customer for a fee.

“Sales Agreement” – a Product Sales Agreement concluded between the Customer and the Seller via the Store;

“Delivery costs” – fees for the delivery of the Goods from the Seller to the Customer.

“Order” – an order for Goods or Goods placed by the Customer in the Store in accordance with these Regulations.

“Cookies” – small text files sent to the Customer’s computer, which contain information necessary for the proper functioning of the Store, in particular the authorization process. Personal data is neither processed nor stored by means of “cookies”.

“Warehouse” – a warehouse located in Oława at ul. Chopina 31/7 55-200 Oława, where customers’ orders are completed, as well as returns and complaints handling.

“Newsletter” – an electronic form of the newsletter sent by e-mail by the Seller with the prior consent of the Website User.

Technical requirements
For the proper functioning of the Store, you need:

  • A device with Internet access;
  • A web browser that supports JavaScript and cookies;
  • To place an order in the Store, an active e-mail account is required;
    – Acceptance of cookies,
    – JavaScript support enabled

§ 2. Information about the product

The prices of goods include VAT and are expressed in PLN, USD, EUR

The prices of goods do not include delivery costs, which depend on the choice of the place of delivery by the customer, as well as the value and size of the order. The total cost of the order is shown in the basket before the customer places the order.

We reserve the right to change the prices of our products once any promotional campaigns are canceled and we are under no obligation to inform our client of this change. Promotional codes cannot be used multiple times for a purchase.

The prices of goods listed on Caribela.com are valid only in the Internet offer and are not valid for stationary sales. The prices given in the online store cannot be combined with promotions and discounts available for stationary sales.

§ 3. Placing orders

The condition for placing an Order in the Store is to complete the Order form, accept the provisions of the Regulations and the terms and costs of delivery contained in the Order.

Orders can be made by the Customer who provides the data required to complete the Order or registers (creates an account) in the Store. Orders can be made without creating an account.

A customer who has an account has the option of making purchases multiple times – without the need to enter their data necessary to complete the Order each time.

In order to set up an account, the Customer should provide the login and password necessary to access his account. The Customer’s login is the e-mail address provided by him. The password is a sequence of characters determined by the Customer. The Customer’s password is not known to the Seller and the Customer is obliged to keep it secret and protect it against unauthorized access by third parties.

The price given for each Product is binding at the time of placing the Order by the Customer.

The Store delivers Orders for customers located in Poland and abroad.

After placing the Order, the Customer is sent by e-mail confirmation of its receipt and acceptance for execution by the Store or information about the impossibility of executing the Order.

Orders placed via the website can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year.

Placing an Order by the Customer means submitting an offer to the Seller to purchase the ordered Goods.

The Customer may make changes to the Order until the Seller delivers the shipment with the Goods to the Customer by the Seller.

If we are unable to deliver all the products ordered, we will notify you by e-mail and if you have already paid for the product, we will refund the full amount for the item as soon as possible

§ 4 Payment.

You can pay for the placed Order in the following way:

  • payment by bank transfer to the Seller’s account
  • payment via electronic payment services (tpay, PayPal, PayU);
  • płatności ratalne PayPo za pośrednictwem serwisu Przelewy24.pl; 

In the case of payment by bank transfer or payment to the Seller’s bank account, the following should be included in the transfer order in the transfer title:

  • Customer’s first and last name or company,
  • order number.

The ordering party has 3 days to pay for the purchase. If after this time the payment for the product has not been made, the order is canceled. The Seller issues an invoice for each sold product, which is sent to the e-mail address provided.

§ 5. Delivery of the Goods

Delivery times and charges will vary depending on delivery address and country, and available delivery services.

The order will be shipped to the indicated address. If no one is available at your home or other address at the time of delivery, our courier will advise you whether the order has been left in a certain secure location or returned to the warehouse / post office.

The offer does not include gift cards. Cart value is calculated together with other promotions.

Once the products are delivered to the delivery address specified in the order, all risks, including damage to the products, will be passed on to you.

We are not responsible for delays in delivering goods if they are wholly or partially caused by circumstances beyond our control.

In the case of orders outside Poland, the ordering party may be required to pay a customs duty or other import fee prior to delivery or upon delivery. You can be asked to pay additional taxes or charges in accordance with local regulations.

The store has the right to charge the customer for failure to collect the shipment “cash on delivery” with the costs of shipping and sending back to the Seller’s store. (apply only in territory of Poland)

The Goods purchased in the Store are shipped in Poland via a courier company DHL ,Poczta Polska,I npost.

§ 6. The right to cancel the order

You have the right, as a customer, to withdraw from the contract concluded with the Seller via the Store within 14 days of receiving the order without giving any reason;

The deadline for withdrawing from the contract expires after 14 days from the date on which the Consumer took possession of the goods.

In order for the Consumer to exercise the right to withdraw from the contract, you must inform the Seller by sending a letter by e-mail to the following address: info@caribela.com

To meet the deadline to withdraw from the contract, it is enough for the Consumer to send information regarding the exercise of his right to withdraw from the contract before the deadline to withdraw from the contract.

In the event of withdrawal from the concluded contract, the Seller returns to the Consumer all payments received from him (except for transport costs) no later than 14 days from the date on which the Seller was informed about the Consumer’s decision to get the right to withdraw from the contract. The returned goods must be delivered to the Seller in a condition that does not show signs of use.

The refund will be made by the Seller using the same original method of payment made by the Consumer or by traditional bank transfer.

The Seller may withhold the refund until receipt of the Goods;

Undamaged goods should be returned to the following address: EL-MAR Elżbieta Marek ul. Chopina 31/7 55-200 Oława no later than 14 days from

the consumer informed the Seller about the withdrawal from the sales contract. The deadline is met if the Consumer sends back the goods before the deadline of 14 days;

The consumer is responsible for cost of returning the goods.

§ 7. Complaints

The basis and scope of the Seller’s liability towards the Customer, if the sold Product has a physical or legal defect (warranty), are defined by generally applicable laws, in particular in the Civil Code (in particular in Articles 556-576 of the Civil Code)

In the event of a defect in the Goods, the buyer may file a complaint against the defective product on the basis of the warranty or guarantee provided for in the Civil Code, provided that the guarantee has been granted;

The Customer may submit complaints to the Seller electronically to the address info@caribela.com or in writing to the address of the Seller EL-MAR Elzbieta Marek ul. Chopin 31/7 55-200 Oława. provide as much information and circumstances as possible regarding the subject of the complaint, the type and date of the irregularity and contact details. The information provided will significantly facilitate and accelerate the consideration of the complaint by the Seller.

To consider the complaint, it is necessary to deliver the advertised goods to the Seller, the Buyer is obliged to deliver the goods at the Seller’s address EL-MAR Elzbieta Marek, ul. Chopina 31/7 55-200 Oława

Consideration of the complaint by the Seller will take place within 14 days;

f the complaint is accepted, the defective product will be repaired or replaced with a new, full-value product. If the repair or replacement of the Goods is not possible or will be significantly impeded, the Seller, on the basis of arrangements with the Customer, will refund the amount due to the Customer or offer other Goods available in the Store. The costs of delivery of new or defect-free Goods are borne by the Seller.

If the complaint is not accepted, the Customer decides whether the Goods will be returned by the Seller at the Customer’s expense, or the Customer will personally collect the Goods at the place and time agreed by the Parties. “Settlement of consumer disputes”.

§ 8. Electronic services in the online store

The following Electronic Services are available in the Online Store

  • Concluding Contracts for the Sale of Goods,
  • Account
  • Newsletter

Provision of Electronic Services to Customers in the Caribela Store takes place under the conditions specified in the Regulations; 
Agreements with the Seller:

  • the contract for the provision of Electronic Services, which consists in maintaining an Account in the Store, is concluded for an indefinite period;
  • the contract for the provision of Electronic Services, which consists in placing an order in the Caribela Store, is concluded for the time of placing the order.
  • the contract for the provision of Electronic Services consisting in the use of the Newsletter is concluded for an indefinite period until it is terminated by the customer

The Seller and the Buyer may terminate the contract for the provision of Electronic Services at any time by agreement of the parties;

he buyer may terminate the contract with immediate effect and without giving reasons by sending a declaration via e-mail to the following address: info@caribela.com

The Seller may terminate the contract for the provision of the Service if the Buyer brake the Store Regulations.

§ 9. Final provisions

Agreements concluded via the Online Store are concluded in Polish

Amendments to the Regulations:

The Service Provider reserves the right to amend the Regulations for important reasons, that is: changes in the law; changes in payment and delivery methods – to the extent to which these changes affect the implementation of the provisions of these Regulations.

In matters not regulated by these Regulations, the generally applicable provisions of Polish law shall apply, in particular: Civil Code; Act on Providing Services by Electronic Means of 18 July 2002. (Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 144, item 1204 as amended); for Sales Agreements concluded until 24 December 2014 with Customers who are consumers – provisions of the Act on the protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product of 2 March 2000. (Journal of Laws 2000 No. 22, item 271 as amended) and the Act on special conditions of consumer sales and on the amendment of the Civil Code of 27 July 2002. (Journal of Laws 2002 No. 141, item 1176 as amended); for Sales Agreements concluded from 25 December 2014 with Customers who are consumers – provisions of the Act on Consumer Rights of 30 May 2014. (Journal of Laws 2014, item 827 as amended); and other relevant provisions of generally applicable law.

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